FRD Specialty Pharmacy Services, in our commitment to maximizing therapy outcomes in patients’ healthcare setups, are willing partners of prescribers, and all the other professionals in the industry.

Our partners rely on us for:

  • 1 Hour patient application processing and patient acceptance guarantee
  • Prior authorization support
  • FRD Specialty Pharmacy and practitioners
  • Specialty medication therapy management
  • Physician’s Web Portal
  • Customized, pre-filled enrollment forms
  • Refill reminders and monitoring.
  • Patients’ on-going compliance monitoring.

Proven Specialty Pharmacy Service Model

  • Comprehensive source for infused, injected and oral drugs
  • 100% Drug pedigree and safety stock assurance
  • Reliable SameDay/NextDay delivery
  • Accredited by The Compliance Team
  • Experienced and certified pharmacists

We offer a 24/7 chat support and access to pharmacists with intense and specialized knowledge of various diseases and their managements. We are available for all your enquiries about specialty drugs such as those concerning adverse and side effects, pharmaceutical alternatives, prescription pharmacology, and more.