Frequently Asked Questions

We maintain a well-stocked inventory for specialty and chronic prescription medications. Our team of professionals are experts in many facets of specialty pharmacy including infectious diseases, oncology, hepatitis, infertility, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis and much more.

Also, we constantly perform drug utilization reviews for each patient so that we can ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness of all drug regimens and therapies. Our pharmacy staff works closely with physicians and their staff so that we maintain clear lines of communication for our patients. This not only increases patient safety, it creates an ongoing collaboration between doctor and pharmacy which can improve the success of each patient with respect to their prescriptive and therapeutic needs. At FRD Specialty Pharmacy, we strive to create smarter, happier and healthier patients.

If your dose changes, please call us immediately so that we may obtain a new prescription from your doctor.

We help make refill reminders a breeze making therapy adherence achievable. FRD Specialty Pharmacy will call you a few days prior for your refill date.  We also work with your doctor to make sure refills are done one a timely basis.

FRD Specialty Pharmacy offers more than just prescriptions.  We provide much needed extra services such as clinical support and focus primarily on specialty medications which need special handling and storage.  For specialty medications you take on your own not given by a health care professional, we’re able to give you additional support through our Specialty Pharmacy Program.

Appropriate use of specialty medications is important in maintaining or improving your health and your quality of life.  We designed a Specialty Pharmacy Program to provide the resources and personalized support you need to help you manage your condition.

FRD Specialty Pharmacy offers several options for payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

Only the inactive ingredients such as filler, colors, and flavorings may differ in a generic drug when compared to its brand-name equivalent. These inactive ingredients don’t affect the performance or safety of the medication – just its appearance. One reason for the different look is U.S. trademark laws don’t allow generic drugs to look exactly the same as a drug already on the market.

Yes, FRD Specialty Pharmacy may need to contact your doctor to:


  • Answer any concerns or questions about the prescription written
  • Discuss possible drug allergies or interactions with other medications you’re taking
  • Consult with your doctor to find out whether an alternative medication may be appropriate for you.


Yes, just let FRD Specialty Pharmacy know. The policy at FRD Specialty Pharmacy is to fill a prescription order as soon as we receive it, unless noted otherwise. Tell us the specific date you would like us to fill your new prescription in one of the following ways:


  • By mail: Write the request clearly on your prescription or order form. For example: “Please fill after 01/01/15.”
  • By phone: The Customer Care representative helping you can note this request on your order.
  • Doctor Fax: Ask your doctor to write your prescription as usual and add your requested fill date to the fax order. For example: “Please fill after 01/01/15.”