Our Values

We at FRD Specialty Pharmacy know that care towards our patients can be modified. It is this confidence that guides our values in the corporate world so we perform to ensure that these characteristics are exemplified.

As we work around the clock to change the shape of care directed to chronic conditions, we aim to be:

Driven:  We endeavor to remain self driven about the work we do. We are not prepared to take something of low value that is not worth our best efforts. We will turn all the stones to give a hand to our member of staff and patient as well as our customers. We are determined beyond measure to offer service to our patients with care and excellence.

Personal:  We have a strong belief that cancer does not give the definition of a person and we give medical care to every patient in their unique way. We depend on the com connections that show we are human as we confirm, reassure and give support to patients through the various cancer challenges.

People-Centered:  All we do and all the decisions we make are all geared towards giving a care that considers the best interests of the patient. When we do this all other thing run follow suit.

Humble:  We feel privileged tooffer service to our patients who face big challenges and the medical practitioners who are taking care of them. As we come with individual knowledge to the jobs we do, we give out talents to give a hand to the ultimate heroes who are our patients.

Optimistic:  We hold our hopes very high for the patients who may be about to give up. Even in the middle of a cancer challenge, we believe that laughter and second chance well as perseverance can conquer all. We remain positive that there is always another way that is better for aligning all the stakeholders behind the overall mission of offering service to our patients.