About Us

Welcome to www.frdspecialtyrx.com! The official website of FRD Specialty Pharmacy, Inc dba Foothill Remedy Drugs.

FRD Specialty Pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy company and home of high-touch individualized pharmaceutical care service delivery.  Established in 2008, we are known as one of California’s best and the California’s fastest growing specialty pharmacy outlet.

At FRD Specialty Pharmacy, an educational center for all of its patients, we offer clinical services way beyond the basic pharmaceutical services. Our team comprises cordial, highly experienced and professional individuals in the industry, ready to offer their expertise in ways to serve each and every patient efficiently and effectively.

FRD Specialty Pharmacy serves a wide range of customers from the patients who require special pharmaceutical services to those that need medical injections as well as those that are in need of the special and complex routine medical regimens.  The facility is keen on ensuring a safe and effective administrative system that ensures that medications are delivered on time without delay.  The administration sees to it that the therapies are taken on time and a high level of companionship to the customers is maintained.  Attentiveness to individual customers is something that has been well taken care of at FRD Specialty Pharmacy.  The available clinical advice and extended patient management sessions guides the patients towards understanding their treatment timetable as set by the medical facility, get the medication they need at the correct time and also helps them to achieve individual medical targets.